We understand that every vehicle is different and what your pride and joy means to you. We will come to you, run a free diagnostic health check on your vehicle, conduct a road or dyno road test, provide feedback and advice, then read your ECU.
Our tuning
specialist will then modify your ECU file for what you require and remap your vehicle ECU. The technician will then complete a safety check and a road test or dyno road test to confirm the results (Weather dependant). Our remapping service is conducted to the highest safety standards with your vehicle modifications in mind. 

We do not offer chip-box/tune-box technology which is what some older model direct injected engines require in order to increase performance, which is also proven to be unreliable.


We specialise in modern common rail diesels, with 15+ years in the industry. Therefore, our tuning process will not take all day.
Being a mobile service, we make it convenient for you and eliminate workshop expenses.
We have an on road dyno test unit, which records accurate before and after results. On road dyno testing has many benefits including: Less tyre wear, appropriate fresh air for the radiator and replicates conditions encountered on the street.

A dyno is not essential for the remapping process - however,
all of our tune files have been safely and carefully developed
here in Australia using the latest workshop dyno tuning technology.
We have a range of files available for hundreds of makes and
models from trucks, utility vehicles, 4x4s and normal road cars.


Manufacturers reduce vehicle performance to find a balance between comfort, performance, meet emission standards, and fit into a specific market. We aim for improved engine longevity, make improvements to economy up to 10%, peak power increase of 20%-35% on/off road, with a cleaner engine intake and exhaust system


- 20% - 35% peak power increase
- Improved towing
- Increase fuel efficiency up to 10%
- A cleaner DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
- Free diagnostic health check
- Improved gear holding without the need to downshift
- Improved overtaking
- Improved engine life due to efficiencies
- Component deletes as required

We also have advanced diagnostic capabilities should you need a thorough
intake/carbon check, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) check,
DPF regeneration or reset service lights.




Stage 2 or 3 tune: $800-$900.

Dyno run: $100.

Component deletes: $100 (When combined with the tune file)

*Offer ends August 2021

Ask us about multiple vehicle discounts!

We specialise with the following vehicles:

- Toyota Hilux, Prado, Landcruiser, HiAce

- Isuzu D-MAX, MU-X

- Mitsubishi Pajero, Outlander, Triton

- Nissan Navara

- Ford Ranger

- Mazda BT-50

- Volkswagen Amarok

- Holden Colorado  

We store your vehicle's stock file away safely, should you want to remove the custom tune, or the manufacturer resets the ECU to stock and you want the performance file remapped. We provide this for free within the first 12 months. Please contact us to discuss your vehicle warranty queries


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.
We are Perth based. However, we are able to travel. We also have contacts in other Australian states and New Zealand.

Some previous customer vehicle dyno test examples:
*Results do vary. Being mobile, we only offer road dyno test results as JPEG or PDF format.




0428 604 851

TECHTUNE Performance Remapping holds no responsibility for denied warranty claims, or public liability due to increased engine performance and increased emissions.